HVAC Tips To Lower Your Electric Bill

Utility bills increase dramatically in the winter and summer months when you need to crank up the heat and the air conditioning. Save money and stay comfortable by following these tips to keep your electric bill down.  Consider a place with a window unit Window units only use 500 - 1440 watts of electricity. Central air uses 3500 watts of electricity. Of course, central air also adds value to your home and controls the temperature much better.

2 Things To Do To Winterize Your Air Conditioner

With winter coming on, you want to make sure that you get your air conditioner all winterized before it gets too cold. You want to have no problems with it when you go to turn it on in the spring. So, what are some things that you should do in order to winterize your air conditioner? Make Sure You Start Early You don't want to leave the winterizing until the day before it's supposed to snow.

Installing A High Profile Toilet

If you or another family member are starting to have difficulty sitting down on and rising from your old toilet, it may be time to switch to a toilet with a higher profile. While these toilets are only a few inches higher at most than traditional toilets, those few inches can make a big difference for individuals who have leg, back, or balance issues. Buying a new high profile toilet

Three Reasons You Could Have To Deal With An Air Conditioning Repair Emergency

During the summer season, you never want to have to deal with an air conditioning repair emergency. This means that you will end up having to go a certain amount of time without AC when it's extremely hot outside. On top of this, emergency repairs almost always cost more than regular maintenance for your AC system. Here are three of the most common reasons people have to hire emergency repair services for their AC in the summer: