How To Test And Replace The Run Capacitor In A Hard Starting Central AC

Does your central air conditioner's compressor start, shudder, and then suddenly stop? This type of hard starting can be due to a failing or broken run capacitor. A run capacitor helps the compressor run with a constant but stable electrical current. A failed run capacitor can make the compressor unstable and cause hard starting. Testing and changing a capacitor is a task you can complete with a multi-meter and a few basic tools.

3 Common Causes For An AC Condensation Pump That Isn't Working

Central air conditioners rely on evaporator coils inside the furnace or air handler. The coils take in liquid refrigerant and change it into a gas, which causes the coils to become cold and are able to cool the cycling air blown in from your home. This phase change causes condensation, which drops into the bottom of the air handler and into a drain pain. The condensation then either drains straight down your drainpipe, if you have a gravity system, or more commonly has a condensation pump that routes the water into the drainpipe.

3 Reasons To Install A Radiant Heating System

One of the more impressive and comfortable heating systems available is a radiant heating system, mostly because of the many benefits that it can provide when compared to a traditional heating system. A radiant heating system is typically designed to utilize water pipes or electric pads to heat up the floors and walls of your home, which in turn heat up the air within your home. Listed below are three reasons to seriously consider installing a radiant heating system.

3 Things You Should Know About Wi-Fi Thermostats

Wi-Fi thermostats are the newest development in the app economy. Now, instead of controlling your air conditioner by a single dial, you can control it from anywhere in your home, or in the world, by using your phone. Here are the top things you should know about Wi-Fi thermostats. Wi-Fi Thermostats Are Money Savers Wi-Fi thermostats aren't just the latest toy or a fancy gadget to show off when your friends come over.

The Four Main Types Of Home Heating Systems

Home heating systems are designed to keep your home warm and comfortable in the winter season. However, each type of system will work in a different manner in order to accomplish this goal. Understanding the differences between the different types of home heating systems can help you choose the one that is the best fit for your home. Forced Air Furnaces The most common type of home heating system on the market, a forced air furnace, will make use of a fuel, usually heating oil, natural gas, or electricity, to provide heat to your home.