My Furnace Keeps Turning On And Off. Should I Be Worried?

Like most homeowners, the only time you'll pay attention to your furnace is when something goes wrong. For instance, you may notice that your furnace keeps turning on and off more often than usual. When your furnace runs for only a brief minute or two before shutting down and restarting a few minutes later, then you're likely dealing with short cycling. Short cycling places severe wear and tear on your furnace, eventually leading to sudden breakdowns and a shorter service life for your furnace.

Cost And Age Weigh Into The Decision To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner has broken down a few times, you might be wondering if replacing it would be better than making repairs. Sometimes, the answer to this question is straightforward and other times you should get the advice of an HVAC contractor to help you decide between air conditioner repair and replacement. Here are some factors that weigh into the decision. The Age Of Your Current Air Conditioner If you've taken excellent care of your air conditioner, it may be well beyond its expected lifespan.

Know What An Air Conditioning Emergency Really Is

In most cases, a problem with your air conditioner is a minor inconvenience. You may have to go into the garage or storage shed and dig out those stand-up fans, but you and your family won't be in any real danger due to a problem with the air conditioner. However, there are also some times when something can be going on with your air conditioner that can put you and your family in a dangerous situation.

6 Things A Heating Contractor Can Help You With

If you call a heating contractor, you might find that he or she will help you with various matters related to your home heating system. You might actually be surprised, by the different things that a heating contractor can assist you with, including these six matters. 1. Choosing a New Heating System If you are preparing to install a new heating system in your home, you probably want to make sure that you choose and install the right one.

Six Of The Most Common Indications Of A Bad Thermostat

An AC system needs to have a working thermostat to function properly. You need to know ow to identify a thermostat issue to ensure that you can properly control your system. The following are six of the most common indications of a bad thermostat: Your air conditioner never turns off Your air conditioner is supposed to cool interiors down until they reach a certain temperature and then shut off. If your air conditioner continues to run no matter how cool interiors get, there is probably something wrong with your thermostat.