HVAC Maintenace To Start Summer With Fewer Problems And Costly Repairs

As the summer months get closer, you want to be prepared for hot weather. Therefore, there is going to be some HVAC maintenance that needs to be done. You will need to deal with your furnace and prepare the AC for summer weather. The sooner you get started with this maintenance, the fewer problems you will have this year. The following HVAC maintenance should be done to help prepare your home for summer:

  • Cleaning Your Furnace and Changing Filters — The work that you do to your HVAC system during the spring months should start with the furnace. You want to clean the furnace and change the filter one last time before the weather changes. You should also inspect your heating system for issues that need to be repaired. These problems will be easier and cheaper to deal with while you are doing other maintenance to your HVAC to prepare for summer.
  • Preparing the AC Unit for Summer Weather — The AC compressor outside of your home should also be maintained. During the autumn months, weatherization protects it, which needs to be removed now. After the cover of the AC unit has been removed, clean it and do a visual inspection for signs of damage. You want to have any minor repairs done to the system now to ensure they don't get worse.
  • Inspecting and Testing the AC for Problems — When you have the condensing unit clean, you will be ready to start inspecting your AC for problems. You want to check all your vents to make sure they are open, and there is good airflow after turning the system on. In addition, change the AC air filter and check ductwork for leaks that need to be repaired. If the system is not cooling, you may need to call an HVAC maintenance service to test for leaks and charge your system after repairs have been done.
  • Cleaning the AC Unit and Calibrating the Thermostat — Lastly, the AC unit is going to need to be cleaned and inspected one last time. You may also want to have an AC tune-up done. The tune-up includes charging the compressor, minor repairs, and calibrating the thermostat. Doing these things before the hot summer weather will ensure your system is working efficiently when you need it this summer and prevent issues that lead to costly repairs.

If you are ready to start preparing your systems for summer, contact an HVAC service for help with maintenance. They can help deal with the maintenance and repairs that need to be done before turning on your AC.