Six Of The Most Common Indications Of A Bad Thermostat

An AC system needs to have a working thermostat to function properly. You need to know ow to identify a thermostat issue to ensure that you can properly control your system.

The following are six of the most common indications of a bad thermostat:

Your air conditioner never turns off

Your air conditioner is supposed to cool interiors down until they reach a certain temperature and then shut off. If your air conditioner continues to run no matter how cool interiors get, there is probably something wrong with your thermostat.

Your air conditioner turns off before it completely cools down your home to the desired temperature

Short cycling is an indication that the thermostat of an AC system is bad. When an air conditioner short cycles, it shuts off before cooling interiors down to a certain temperature. This makes it impossible for you to get your home as cool as your would like.

Your air conditioner doesn't respond at all when you adjust your thermostat

If a thermostat is completely broken, it will not affect the air conditioning system's operations at all. This means that the system will not respond at all after adjustments are made to the thermostat. 

Your air conditioner is cooling different areas of your home to different temperatures

As a thermostat starts to malfunction, it might cause your air conditioning system to cool your home down irregularly. This means that your air conditioner might cool different areas of your home to different temperatures.

When your thermostat isn't uniformly controlling your air conditioning system, it will detract from efficiency and will make your interiors less comfortable than they should be. 

Indicator lights that used to work on your thermostat have gone out

A malfunctioning thermostat is likely to be having electrical issues. This means that indicator lights and lights on the thermostat's display won't be showing up properly like they used to. 

If you notice any changes in your thermostat's lighting when it is operating, you should probably have your thermostat looked at by AC system repair services and possibly replaced. 

You are unable to control temperatures in your home accurately using your thermostat

A thermostat is designed to tell the air conditioning system what temperature to get a home's interiors to. A malfunctioning thermostat will be inaccurate when it comes to cooling down rooms to the temperature it is set to. If you are suspicious about the accuracy of your thermostat, it may be time for a replacement.