3 Things You Should Know About Replacing Your Furnace

You need to understand the signs of a worn-out furnace if you use one to keep your home warm. Knowing the signs that your furnace is worn out will allow you to make a smart choice when it comes to replacing the furnace.

Your Furnace is Getting Old

The age of your furnace matters. Although a well taken care of furnace can last for a long time, typically furnaces only last for about a decade and a half to two decades. If your furnace is over fifteen years old, you should be aware that your furnace is working on borrowed time in comparison to the average lifespan of a furnace. If your furnace has been well taken care of, it could last longer than the average lifespan.

Your Furnace Isn't the Right Size

The size of your furnace matters. If your furnace is not sized right for your home, your home is more than likely never going to feel like it is the right temperature. When your furnace is not the right size, not only will your home not feel comfortable, your furnace will get worn down at an accelerated rate. If your furnace was undersized for your home, you may have to replace it sooner rather than later. When you replace your furnace, you want to replace it with the right sized unit.

Your Furnace Needs a Lot of Repairs

It is natural to get your furnace inspected each year. During the yearly inspection, you should expect the technician working on your furnace to replace the filter, tighten up loose parts, and replace other small items. However, your furnace should not be needing a lot of repairs beyond the yearly required maintenance. If your furnace keeps breaking down, and you keep having to invest big dollars in fixing your furnace, that is a strong sign that your furnace is reaching the end of its life. You don't want to continue to invest big bucks into repairing your furnace when it really needs is to be replaced.

The best way to know if your furnace needs replace though is by having a certified furnace repair technician inspect your furnace. A certified HVAC technician will be able to let you know if your furnace needs to be replaced and how long it will take for it to be replaced. If you are in doubt about how long your furnace will last, it is time for an inspection.