How Faulty AC Can Ruin Expensive Home Décor

A malfunctioning AC is bad not only for your health and comfort but also for your delicate and expensive décor. The damage to décor can particularly be serious if the malfunction affects your AC for a long time or if it happens when you are away on vacation. Here are some of the specific ways in which the damages can occur:

High Temperatures

If you have decorative materials or fixtures that shouldn't be exposed to high temperatures, then a malfunctioning AC will be one of your worst enemies. This is particularly true if the malfunction occurs during the summer season when temperatures are particularly hot. Some of the things that can be affected by high temperatures include decorations held together by hot glue, wall paintings, and even furniture. Here are some of the reasons your AC may fail to cool your house and let the temperature rise:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Leaking air ducts
  • Dirty coils
  • Improperly positioned thermostat
  • Insufficient or leaking coolant

High Levels of Humidity

The AC cools your house via two main methods; first, it reduces the air temperature and secondly, it reduces the humidity. Humidity control is necessary for comfortable environments because low humidity (essentially the volume of water in the air) allows perspiration to escape your skin, thereby making you feel cool.

This means you will not only feel hot if your AC is not doing a good job of lowering your home's humidity, but your expensive décor may suffer too. In fact, high humidity may be worse for your furnishing than high temperatures. For example, it may enlarge wooden furniture, encourage mold growth and even make some of your artwork lose their shape. A malfunctioning AC may fail to lower the humidity if:

  • It is oversized and cannot run long enough to remove moisture from the air
  • The AC is leaking water
  • The humidity is just too much for the AC to handle

High Volume of Dust

Lastly, a malfunctioning AC may also make your house dustier than it should be. You may find yourself dusting the house all the time without seeing a significant difference in its dust conditions. If such dirt or dust settles on your sensitive décor and remains there for a long time, they may become so difficult to remove that special cleaning techniques may be needed to get rid of the dust without causing further damage.

As you can see, it's important to monitor and service your AC to ensure its running efficiently at all times. Consult an air conditioning contractor to help you do all these and more.