Common Air Conditioning Questions Answered

If your home encounters problems with its air conditioning system, it can be possible for your quality of life to drastically decrease until the issue is repaired. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that will not be aware of the effective steps that they can be taking to help improve the performance of their air conditioner or allow them to better address the problems that can arise with the system.

Should You Use Fans In Conjunction With Your Air Conditioning System?

Some homeowners will turn off their interior ceiling and floor fans when the air conditioner is running. This might seem like it will allow the system to work more efficiently, but it can actually lead to a decrease in the overall performance of the system. This is due to the tendency of air in a home to settle into thermal layers with cooler air being closer to the floor. When you have your fans running, you will help to disturb these layers so that the temperature in the home can be more uniformly distributed.

Are There Options For Managing The Sound Produced By The Air Conditioning System?

Reducing the noise that is produced by your air conditioning system can be another important goal. This is especially true when you consider that the air conditioning unit will be close enough to your home to severely impact the quality of life inside the house.

Placing bushes or small fences around the exterior unit can be a popular option for reducing the disruptions caused by the air conditioner's sounds. However, it can be possible to damage the unit if you place these items too close to the unit. The exact amount of space that will be needed to ensure the system is still able to pull in enough air will vary based on the size and strength of the air conditioning unit.

To avoid damaging your system, you may want to have a professional inspect the system and mark where you can safely place a fence or plant bushes without impacting the effectiveness of the system.

Why Is Ice Forming On The Air Conditioning Unit?

Ice forming on the exterior of the air conditioning unit can be another issue that you might frequently encounter. Often, this issue will arise due to running the system when it is too cold outside. However, it can also be possible for this ice to form in response to dust and dirt accumulations on the condenser coils. This will inhibit the heat exchange for the system, which can contribute to it icing over.

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