How to Improve Your Ducting

The productivity of your air conditioner depends on a lot of factors. That is, it isn't just the efficiency of your actual air conditioning appliances that affect how productive and efficient your system is. If certain parts of the system, like the ducts and air returns, are not properly cleaned and maintained, they could slow down the airflow of your large appliances. This article focuses on how to improve your air ducts by adding insulation and taping the seams.

Better Understand the Ducting System

Residential ducting systems are made out of hundreds of individual pieces that are fitted together. Most of these pieces are within the actual walls of your home, so they are hard to access. However, there is going to be a decent amount of ducting that is outside your walls. For instance, there should be ducting coming out of your furnace that is exposed. There could also be long sections of ducting in your basement.

Check for Air Leaks

It's pretty easy to check for air leaks in your duct system. You can do it by running either your air conditioning or heat. Hold your hand next to the ducts and feel for airflow. It is very likely that you will feel subtle streams near some seams. These are the seams it need to be tightened and taped.

Tape the Seams and Wrap Your Ducts in Fiberglass Insulation

Before you actually wrap your air ducts in insulation, you should tape the seams and make sure they are airtight. This also prevents the duct from getting knocked loose and losing their airtight seal.

Importantly, basement, utility rooms, and garages are not temperature controlled. This also happens to be the area where there is the most exposed ducting. So, it is definitely a good idea to add insulation to these vulnerable sections of duct. You can easily wrap them in affordable fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation comes in continuous rolls, which are about 15" wide, and very easy to wrap around ducting of any size. You just wrap the fiberglass around the duct and tape it down using duct tape. You can pull it tight and double wrap the ducts for better insulation and more protection.

This is very cheap work. For less than $100 you can make your furnace and air conditioner more efficient in the long term. It is a cheap fix that will permanently improve airflow and heat retention in your system. For more assistance with this process, you can also contact services such as Air Time Heating & Cooling.