Installing A High Profile Toilet

If you or another family member are starting to have difficulty sitting down on and rising from your old toilet, it may be time to switch to a toilet with a higher profile.

While these toilets are only a few inches higher at most than traditional toilets, those few inches can make a big difference for individuals who have leg, back, or balance issues.

Buying a new high profile toilet

There are a few things that you should must check before you buy any type of new toilet.

The distance from the old toilet to the rear wall

The standard distance between the two bolts that secure the toilet to the floor and the wall behind the toilet is 12 inches. While it is likely that your toilet was installed at this distance, it is not guaranteed, especially if it is a very old installation.

Measure the distance to be certain, and check to be sure that the toilet you choose is designed for this standard distance, or it won't line up with the drain pipe beneath the floor.

Round or elongated seat?

If you choose an elongated (oval) seat for greater comfort, and your old toilet has a round seat, the toilet will require more room in front of the toilet.

While this may not matter in larger bathrooms, it can be a deal breaker in a smaller bathroom or half bath.

Does the new toilet include the wax seal?

Many, but not all, new toilets have the wax seal included in the purchase price. This is a ring of wax on which the toilet rests to prevent leaks from the bottom of the toilet, and it must fit the toilet of choice. If not included, you must purchase the wax seal separately.

Removing the old toilet

You must begin by removing as much water as possible from the toilet. Turn off the supply valve and flush the toilet multiple times, then absorb any remaining water from the tank and bowl with a rag or sponge.

Disconnect the supply line with an adjustable wrench, then use the wrench to remove the two bolts that hold the toilet in place.

Lifting the toilet may require two people, because it can be relatively heavy and awkward, and it may be slightly stuck to the floor. Keep it as upright as possible to avoid spilling any water that may be stuck in the drain trap at the bottom portion of your toilet.

After removing the toilet, you will clean the remnants of the old wax ring from around the toilet drain in the floor.

Installing the new toilet

You will first place the new wax seal over the floor drain, then place the toilet drain atop the wax ring. You will need to push downward on the toilet to press the drain into the wax ring, and may need to gently rock the toilet to seat it fully onto the floor drain.

Use a stick level to be certain that the toilet is level. If it needs adjusting, move it gently until it is completely level. Next, you will install and hand tighten the two bolts that secure the toilet to the floor.

Connect the supply line to the new toilet and use an adjustable wrench to tighten the connection nut completely. If it leaks slightly, disconnect the nut and wrap a few layers of teflon tape around the threads of the male connection before reconnecting the line.

Turn on the supply valve, install the toilet seat, clean up your mess, and have a seat. You deserve the maiden voyage on your new high profile toilet.

For help with a project like this, contact local plumbing services.