Routine Heating Questions Addressed

Heating issues can cause your home to quickly become a very uncomfortable place to be during the winter. In order to be prepared to protect your home against these issues, you need to be aware of a few basic questions and answers so that you can make sure that you are getting the best performance possible from your home's heating system.

What Is Causing The Pilot Light To Go Out Repeatedly Throughout The Day?

If you have a heater that uses oil or gas, it will be equipped with a pilot light. Under normal conditions, this flame will stay lit with little effort on your part. However, older heaters may start to encounter a problem where the pilot light is repeatedly needing to be relit throughout the day. This can lead to serious disruptions for your heating system. A common cause for this problem will stem from soot, residue, dirt, and dust accumulating around the pilot light burner. These substances will block the fuel, which can cause the pilot light to go out. Correcting this common issue is fairly simple as you will only need to clean the burner with a damp cloth to remove these substances.

What Happens If You Fail To Have The Flue Cleaned?

During the course of operation, your heater may produce dangerous fumes from burning the oil or gas. To vent these fumes, the system will have a flue, which is essentially a tube for releasing these gases outside.

An important aspect of heater maintenance is ensuring that the flue is regularly cleaned. Soot, ash, and residue can easily accumulate on the interior of the flue, and this can lead to a blockage. While you may think that cleaning the flue will be a task that you can easily do by yourself, it is more difficult than you may imagine. Without the right tools or training, it can be easy to inadvertently spill the soot and ash from the flue in your home's interior. As a result, hiring a professional to clean your flue can be money well spent.

Why Should You Consider Adding A Humidifier To Your Heating System?

An unfortunate side effect of heating systems is that they can make the air inside your home extremely dry. This dry air can lead to numerous uncomfortable skin problems. Additionally, it can prove to be damaging to wood furniture and artwork while also causing musical instruments to come out of tune more quickly. You can combat this issues through the addition of a humidifier attachment for your heater.

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