Seasonal Maintenance: When Should You Change Your Young Furnace's Air Filter?

If you haven't changed your furnace's air filter yet this year, it's a good idea that you do it now, even if you have a relatively new furnace. Depending on how often you use it during the cold season, even a young furnace can experience issues with its blower motor, fan and other parts if it has a dirty air filter. In some cases, a bad air filter can cause your furnace to overheat and quit. Here's how a dirty air filter affects your young furnace and what you can do to prevent problems in the future.

How Can a Dirty Air Filter Cause Problems?

Air filters can quickly build up with dust, mold spores, and other contaminants throughout the cold season. If you have pets in the home or use a thin air filter, it can build up with debris even faster. Not only is poor heating bad for your family, it's also bad for your furnace's blower motor.

A blower motor is one of the key components of your furnace. It relies on a large fan to push heated air through the furnace and out into your house. A blocked air filter can keep air from reaching the blower motor, which causes it to run without breaks. If the motor becomes too heated, it can burn out.

To keep your blower motor and furnace in good shape, learn to change your air filter the right way.

When Should You Change the Air Filter?

Although some sources reveal that you should change the furnace's air filter every three months, you may want to inspect the filter, and possibly change it, whenever it appears visibly soiled. You can keep track of the air filter by checking it every month of the cold season. If you use your furnace's air handler to cool your home in the summer, be sure to check it monthly as well.

Also, have your furnace professionally checked by a heater repair contractor as soon as possible. A bad blower motor isn't the only problem a clogged air filter can cause. Some issues, such as a cracked heat exchanger or a compromised combustion chamber, may not become apparent until they damage your furnace. A contractor can examine your appliance and make the best recommendations to repair it.  

For additional information about your furnace's air filter, or if you need to service your furnace, contact a heating contractor like A Bailey Plumbing