How To Recognize A Highly Efficient AC System

A highly efficient AC system is not a matter of getting one component right. Instead, it is a matter several components working in harmony. You don't, however, have to have to specialize in thermodynamics in order to recognize the key components that make a system efficient. In particular, you need to pay attention to coils, the fan motor, and the number of compressors. 


Extra large coils are the first thing that you should look for. The larger your condenser coils are, the quicker they can cool the refrigerant running through them. Also, the larger your evaporator coils are, the quicker they can absorb heat from the air in your house. While coil size is important, if you buy the system with the largest coils you can find, you have not necessarily bought the most efficient system on the market. 


A unit that has a one-speed fan can only come on at full blast. Thus, your system is constantly coming on, running at full speed until it reaches the desired temperature, the shutting off. A variable-speed fan allows the fan to run at lower speed in order to maintain a consistent temperature by running at a lower speed. When your fan runs at a low speed for a long time, it is way more efficient than when it runs at a high speed for a short period of time. 


The final feature that you should look for in an AC unit is more than one compressor. When you don't have much need for cooling, your unit will use a small compressor to pump coolant through your system. When the need for cooling increases, your unit will switch to a larger compressor. Finally, when the need for cooling is greatest, your unit will run both compressors together. As is the case with a variable-speed fan, having more than one compressor gives your unit the ability to adapt to the cooling needs in your home and run as efficiently as possible. 

A cooling system is a huge investment. Most people have to finance the purchase of a new AC system, and then pay off the system for several years. On the other hand, if you buy the least expensive system you can find, you will pay more money than you have to in order to keep your home cool for years to come because of decreased efficiency. Thus, you should sit down with an HVAC installer, like one from Getzschman Heating, LLC, and discuss systems so you can choose one that will help you to save money over the long run.