The Burrows Of Dust Bunnies: How A Duct Cleaning Removes The Worst Aspects Of Dust Bunny World

If you have ever removed dust bunnies from under your bed, you know how thickly dust and wads of hair can collect together in one place. What you may not know is that your home's ventilation system is coated in dust bunnies and their numerous "friends" (e.g., live bugs, dead bug corpses, tons of dead skin cells—both human and animal—etc.). The vents are more affectionately called the "burrows of dust bunnies" because of all of the nasty stuff blowing and scuttling around inside your vents. Here is how and why a regular duct cleaning should be peformed in your home.

Removing More Than Dust Bunnies

If you have never seen the insides of your home's ventilation system, ask the HVAC contractor who is cleaning them to show you with his or her camera. As he or she cleans out the vents with a vacuum-like instrument, you will see cobwebs, spider corpses, spiders, household pests with their molting stages left behind, and lots of dust bunnies. Oddly enough, it will probably remind you of the burrows of real rabbits, with all of the bugs and various types of dirt and debris. When all of this stuff is removed, you breathe easier and have fewer allergic reactions every time your heat or air conditioning kicks on to do its job. Additionally, your vents become vents again and not burrows for dust bunnies.

Reducing the Dust Bunnies Under Furniture

When your HVAC contractor removes every last dust bunny, bit of hair, shred of dead skin and everything else from your vents, he or she is also reducing the amount of dust you will find under furniture. Because most of your furniture had undersides that are located near the floor, the ventilation system blows out accumulated dust right underneath everything you sit and lay upon. When there is nothing in your vents anymore, there are significantly fewer dust bunnies to clear out from under your bed, chairs, sofa, etc. The dust bunnies can neither congregate or reproduce.

Why You Should Purchase a Regular Duct Cleaning

Besides eliminating dust and small debris, a duct cleaning improves the overall air quality in your home. By improving the overall air quality in your home, you improve your health and the health of your family. Fewer colds and allergic reactions occur because there is nothing to breathe in that causes your body to react. This is also an especially important service for any family member who requires a ventilator or machine to breathe better or an atomized asthma medicine.

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