Is Your Air Conditioner Running Poorly? It Might Be Your Ventilation

If you have been having problems with your ventilation lately, then there are a number of factors that might be responsible. To help you figure out exactly what is to blame, here are some of the most common causes of ventilation malfunctions:


First of all, your problem might be a blockage somewhere in your air ducts. This can range from a buildup of dust to the remains of a rodent that crawled into your ventilation and died. In the best case scenario, this might lead to slightly reduced efficiency, but in the worst case, you might be dealing with a possible health hazard.

When you are dealing with dust, you might notice that your air conditioner and/or heater isn't operating quite as efficiently as they used to. As dust builds up, it can trap a lot of heat that is trying to pass by. While you heater might be generating a lot of heat, a significant portion of that heat might be stopped by the dust before it every reaches its destination.

If there is some sort of mold or organic material that is decaying in your air ducts, then the increased air flow and heat (when the heater is in use) could lead to the spread of spores or bacteria.

Dirty Filters and Vent Covers

On the other hand, you might simple be dealing with some problematic filters or vent covers. Thankfully, these problems are pretty easy to diagnose and handle. All you will need is a screwdriver and a way to clean off some simple dust. You might also want to wear a mask over your noses and mouth, since you don't want to have a coughing fit after inhaling a burst of dust.

To test whether this is the case, simply examine every vent cover in your home, along with the filters on your air conditioner and heater.

To check the vent covers, you might need a screwdriver to open up the cover and get a good look inside. If you don't want to go that far, then you could try blowing some air into the vent cover, possibly with some condensed air. This will give you a rough idea of how much dust is clinging to the vent cover and whether you need to do a more thorough cleaning.

For filters, you'll want to follow the directions on your specific product. Some use disposable filters, while others are permanent and meant to be cleaned and replaced. You don't necessarily want to clean off a disposable filter once it's past its prime, and you definitely don't want to accidentally throw away a permanent filter that still had years of use left in it.  

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