Why A Central Heating System Takes Long To Come On

Dealing with a central heating system that takes long to come on can be frustrating on a cold day. There can be one or more things that are causing your central heating system to be inefficient, including a problem with the gas furnace. Below, discover a few of the possible things that can stop a central heating system from coming on when it should.

A Bad Thermostat

Being that the thermostat is the main thing that determines if a central heating system will come on or not, it can be a problem when it is in bad shape. The central heating system might take long to come on because there is a short in the electrical wiring to the thermostat. You may need to get it rewired, but the problem can also stem from the needle being out of place. For instance, you might think the needle is on a high temperature, but it can be on one that is lower due to being broken. A technician can adjust the needle or install a new thermostat altogether if it is damaged from normal wear and tear.

Something is Wrong with the Gas Furnace

Besides the thermostat, your central heating system won't come on as it should if the pilot is not working right in the furnace. The long time that it takes for the heater to come on is possibly due to the pilot having a delay when igniting. The problem with the pilot might stem from the orifice having a blockage of debris or rust. A technician can actually install a new pilot orifice if it is found to be the problem. A slow flow of gas to the furnace burner can also be the problem, which can happen if the gas valve is broken.

The Gas Furnace is Naturally Worn Out

A central heating system that is running off of an old gas furnace will not work as efficiently as it should. It might simply be time for you to get another gas furnace if the one that you have has gone through normal wear and tear. Get your furnace inspected by a technician to find out if it is in your best interest to spend money on replacement parts, or if a new furnace is more investment worthy. A replacement gas furnace is estimated to cost at least $400 or more. Hire a technician to see what is interfering with the efficiency of your central heating system as soon as possible! Contact a business, such as United Heating Cooling and Plumbing Inc, for more information.