Keep Your Cool When Your AC Goes Out

If your air conditioning suddenly goes out on you when it's hot outside, you want to do what you can to keep your house as cool as you possibly can until an HVAC tech can come fix the problem for you. There are some different ways you can both preserve the cool air in your house, prevent as much hot air from coming in, and even generate new cold air. This article will provide you with tips on how you can do all three so you and your family can stay more comfortable while you wait for help.

Preserving the cool air in your home

There are some quick tricks you can do around your home to keep it cool. If you have hard flooring that's covered in rugs, roll up the rugs and set them somewhere until the system is fixed. Your home will stay cooler with the bare floors staying uncovered. Also, make sure you close all the blinds and close up the doggy door if you have one in your home.

Preventing hot air from entering your home

The sun can relentlessly beat on your roof and this will make the attic the hottest part of your home. For this reason, you want to verify that your attic access doors are all closed securely and in good shape. Also, if you have any areas of light coming from the bottom parts of any doors that lead to the outside, then roll up towels and put them in front of the doors to prevent the heat from coming right in. As soon as you are able to, purchase properly fitting thresholds, unscrew the old ones, and install the new ones.

Generating new cool air when your AC system is down

There are a couple different ways you can go about generating more cool air to help bring the temperature down. One way is to simply set buckets of ice in front of fans. The fans will blow air over the ice and help cool the house. However, this way of cooling is quite limited since most of the air from the fan will blow around the ice.

Another way to cool the house that works better is to fill a Styrofoam ice chest half way with ice, cut a couple holes in the front, above the ice, and put 6 to 8 inch long cardboard or plastic tubes in the holes. Use duct tape to secure the tubes in place. Cut a hole in the lid that matches the size of a small fan and set the fan on the hole, facing downward. Turn the fan on and cool air will come right out of the holes.

Call professionals, like American Heating & Air, as soon as you can when your AC goes out, so they can get to you before your house gets unbearable.